Privacy Policy

To provide you with the benefits of the Chat Labs AI notebook mobile application ("App"), we collect certain types of information from you. This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") describes how we protect and handle the information that you provide and that we obtain through the App and our website. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. By installing and/or using any portion of the App or Website, you agree to the provisions of this Privacy Policy. The highlights of this privacy policy include: - We do not sell your information. - We do not transmit private information off of your device. - We do not transmit notebooks off the device or sync with a cloud service. - We collect the minimum amount of information necessary to provide and improve the App and related services. - We use commercially reasonable efforts to protect your information and keep it secure. - All network data is transported over HTTPS.  1. We Collect And Use Certain Information We collect information relating to you and your use of the App and Website in order to provide services and features that are easy to use and responsive to your needs. We use the term "Consumer Information" to refer to any personally identifiable or anonymous information relating to you or your use of the App or Website. The following sections describe more specific categories of Consumer Information.  1.1 CONTACT INFORMATION Contact Information is information that allows someone to identify or contact you, including, for example: your name or email address. We do not intentionally collect contact information, except when you contact us. If you do not contact us and you do not log in, then your usage of the app is anonymous. We collect the minimum information that Apple provides us as part of subscribing to in app purchase. In the event that you contact us, any information that you provide is used for the purpose of responding to your inquiry.  1.2 USAGE INFORMATION Usage Information is information such as how many people are using the App per day, in what countries and languages the App is being used, on what devices and OS versions the App is being used, we rely on Apple provided information to developers. Whether any errors occur, is tracked through performance data and libraries. We do not run any analytics code and rely on Apple App Store usage information. We use this information to prioritize which features to add to the App, which languages to translate the App into, identify bugs to fix, customizing the user experience, and other ways to improve the App. We also use this information to improve compatibility, fix bugs, update plug-ins, and improve features. This information is also used to deliver configuration updates to tune the functionality.  We do not associate Usage Information with Contact Information.  1.4 SITUATION INFORMATION Situation Information is user-configured information such as conditions to detect and settings for the app to automatically apply. Situation data remains only on your device.  1.5 DIAGNOSTIC INFORMATION Diagnostic Information is a combination of Situation Information and historical information of the background activity. In the process of providing customer support or subscription issues, we may ask for diagnostic information for troubleshooting. Diagnostic Information is uploaded over an encrypted connection and then encrypted at rest. Diagnostic Information does contain information such as raw sensor readings, internal status codes, activation history of situations, and Situation Information.  1.6 PURCHASE INFORMATION Purchase information is information about the history of your purchases, such as when you subscribed, renewed, or canceled your subscription. If you are logged into the App, your subscription information will be associated with your contact information. If we notice an error with your subscription or you cancel your subscription, we may send you a one-time correspondence for the purpose of resolving the error or understanding if there is anything we can do to improve the App.  2. How We Use Consumer Information We use Consumer Information for a wide variety of purposes, including to enhance the App, to provide you with customer service and to make a wider range of features available to you. We also use your Consumer Information in anonymous, aggregate form to better understand how consumers use our App and Website, which features they use, and who is likely to be interested in using certain other features, and for various other business purposes. We will NOT sell your information for any purpose. For a more detailed explanation of how we use Consumer Information, please refer to Section 1, above.  3. Disclosure of Consumer Information to Third Parties We will not disclose your personally identifiable Consumer Information to any third party for any purpose. Chat Labs AI Notebook relies on OpenAI APIs and you are subject to privacy policies and practices of OpenAI which you can review here -  4. Security of Consumer Information We may be legally obligated to disclose Consumer Information to the government or third parties under certain circumstances, such as in response to a legal demand issued by a government entity, a subpoena issued in connection with a civil or criminal investigation or litigation, an order from a court or regulatory agency, or to comply with regulatory requirements. We may determine that, notwithstanding the provisions of this Privacy Policy, it is necessary or appropriate for us to disclose your Contact Information and personally identifiable Usage Information to comply with the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and any other relevant laws or regulations, to enforce our applicable License Agreement or any other should know that no one, including our company, can guarantee that such methods are 100% secure.  6. General 6.1 Amendments to this Privacy Policy We may occasionally update this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of this App constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Policy and any updates. 6.2. Technical Problems Even though we have taken significant steps to ensure that your Consumer Information is never collected, used, or disclosed by us except as set forth by this Privacy Policy, technical mistakes are possible. If such a mistake takes place, we will take commercially reasonable steps to correct it. 6.3 Contact us Our intention is to be diligent in protecting your privacy by carefully following our Privacy Policy. If you would like to make suggestions or find out more about our privacy practices, please email us at 6.4 DELETING AND CORRECTING YOUR INFORMATION If you wish for us to delete all of your previous support inquiries, please email us at 6.5 INTERPRETING THIS PRIVACY POLICY Examples listed in this Privacy Policy are provided to assist your understanding of this Privacy Policy and are not intended as exhaustive lists. Section headings are provided for your convenience. This Privacy Policy supplements and is incorporated into the License Agreement.

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