Help & Support - Connect AI apps

Welcome to the help and support page for the Chat Labs AI mobile app. This page contains documentation for the AI Assistant feature to start chatting with AI apps instantly.

Flowise is a very useful open source tool for building and experimenting with LLM apps. It has a low code visual interface that feels intuitive to build LLM apps. It is comparable to the complexity of working with CMS or a visual whiteboard tool like Figma. You will get far wth Flowise in integrating data with LLMs.

How does it work?

AI Assistant can connect with any Flowise application so you can start chatting instantly and ask questions. You will need the app url and an optional token.

How to connect your Flowise app?

  1. Open the AI Assistant iOS App. You can download it from App Store
  2. Scroll down to the Studio section.
  3. Connect AI Assistant with Flowise app
  4. Click on Connect App to open the connection screen.
  5. Add the url of the Flowise app. You find it by tapping the API endpoint button on the top right in the web interface of a Flowise app.
  6. Some apps need an Authorization token for accessing them. Add the auth token, if necessary.
  7. Connect AI Assistant with Flowise app
  8. Connect AI Assistant with Flowise app
  9. Connect AI Assistant with Flowise app
  10. Tap Connect. Your Flowise chatbot is now connected and you can start chatting with your queries.
  11. Connect AI Assistant with Flowise app


If you encounter any issues while using our app, we are here to help. You can reach out to our support team here - Customer Support Form.

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